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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Curriculum Choices 2017-2018 Pre-K & 3rd Grade

Time gets away from you doesn't it.  I feel like we just started last school year and now we're getting ready to start a new one.  Sometimes my heart is heavy with the thought that my babies are growing up.  Ok, I'm done crying.  This is going to be a series of posts so that it is not crazy long considering we have a lot of homeschooling kiddos.  Our first day of school this year will be on July 17.  We like to start early and have lots of breaks in the school year.  It's always so much better to be able to stop school and pick up and go when daddy is on vacation.  You could almost say that we homeschool year round with about a month and a half around June and July.  This year Luby will be starting Pre-K work.  Technically she is only 3, but she has shown serious interest in doing what everyone else is doing and knows all of her letters, most of her numbers and has asked if she can read so we're gonna jump on that enthusiasm.

For Pre-K, after homeschooling all these kiddos I actually wrote my own Pre-K curriculum so I don't buy anything.  Lots of reading together, fun activities and repetition and games.  I absolutely love Letter Factory: Leap Frog and Talking Words Factory: Leap Frog and Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.  I've used it with all of my kiddos.

My Pess (although she says she's getting to old to be called that) is going to be in 3rd grade this year. (tear rolling)  Isn't she beautiful.

This is what we have chosen for curriculum this year.
History & Geography: Our American Heritage
P.E.: Working out with Mom and Family Time Fitness
Pess also wants to start typing with the boys, but I'm not sure if we're going to add that this year.  Some other things that she will be doing one day a week are:
Cooking Lessons
Sewing Lessons
Music Lessons: she has piano lessons and violin lessons
She has also asked me if she can learn to crochet like me, but I'm not quite sure we're ready for that yet. :P  I think I've covered it all, and now that I've typed it all out, I'm exhausted and I'm not sure I want to start the school year 😅  Luckily for me, I'm blessed with a little girl who loves school and has already started a little of school on her own. Don't hesitate to ask me any questions you may have.  I'll be posting our school schedule as soon as it's finalized.  We always start with a draft schedule and try it out the first week to see if it works for our family.  Thanks for holding on this long.  All for now.

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