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Proverbs 3:5-6

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What Works for Me Wednesday

Ok, so sorry I'm getting this out a little late.  We've had quite a week.  So this week I wanted to talk about the importance of a plan.  I am a list person.  I like to have my goals and to dos written down so I can know where I stand each day.  This also helps me tame the thousands of ideas rattling around in my brain constantly.  So if I have a reasonable amount of things written down and accomplish them, I then don't feel overwhelmed and I can also see what still needs to happen.  Having said all of that, I do not live and die by my lists.  I have three children.  I want to enjoy them.  I want to have fun with them.  But our decision to homeschool needs to be somewhat organized.  We need some sort of routine.  My schedule involves two sheets that I have created that works for my family, a monthly goal list and a week ahead list.  There are so many schedules and routines and goal lists and free printables out there on the web.  Take a little from here and a little from there and create something that works well for your family.  Here are a few links if you would like to get some ideas.
Ok, I am not affiliated with any of these people or getting paid by them.  I just found them for you and posted them.  I also do not use any of these, they don't really work for my family.  If you would like to see my sheets to see if bits and pieces work for your family, just email me and I can email them to you.  I will point out that none of my homeschooling schedule is on these sheets.  I love and have been using for a couple of years now this wonderful program called Homeschool Tracker.  I keep up with all of my lesson plans, grades, attendance, everything.  Its wonderful.  I hope this post has some useful information for you.  Let me know how you're doing.  All for now.

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