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Proverbs 3:5-6

Monday, September 12, 2011

August Recap

I'm a little late with this one, but everything is just a little busy around our house right now.  August was quite a full and busy month as it seems September is turning out to be.  We started the month with a birthday.  Big Man turned 7 on the 6th.  We took him out for breakfast and had a little family party that night.  It was a fun day.  Oh yea, except for the fact that big man smacked into an I-beam at Bass Pro Shop.  He's getting so big.

Right after his birthday, Homeschool started.  We started on the 8th of August this year.  We usually start the first week in September, but Hubby and I decided to start early so we could take 2 weeks in October to enjoy the fall, our favorite season.  Here are some pics from the Sunday before school started and some from the first week.

Big man is in 2nd Grade this year and Goose is in Kindergarten.  We'll see how this year goes before we decide whether or not Goose is ready for 1st grade next year.  Little Woman could not be left out of the pictures so she was hammin it up.
Of course, Little Woman's idea of a good school day is one where she gets to wear Goose's underwear on her head.  Sounds like a really disgusting plan to me, but hey, at least they were clean.
Hubby also started school this month.  He started his classes at college and is loaded down with that.  I think he's lovin it.  Big Man started soccer practice and I have a slew of projects that I have been working on.  Don't forget to check out the FFF section of the blog every week to find out what we're having for FFF.  Pictures will probably follow on Sat. morn.  Not sure yet since Big Man's soccer games are on Sat. morn.  All for now.

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  1. Oh your kids are cute!! Love the update...keep 'um comin'. Makes me feel more like you live just down the way....so wishin' you did!


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