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"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths."
Proverbs 3:5-6

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week in Review, Overdue!

Well, my intention Sunday night was to sit down and tell you about my week. That didn't happen. We built a tent with the kiddos on Sunday and ended up watching movies instead. I've been doing a little changing to my blog lately. Don't you love the picture at the top. I woke up one morning and that's what was out my kitchen window. God created some beautiful artwork, don'tcha think. First things first, I had a long discussion with a new homeschooling mom at the library and while we were talking she told me how discouraged she gets by reading successful homeschooling blogs that act like everything runs so smoothly with absolutely no problems. YEA RIGHT! If you have more that one child, that means you have to teach more than one personality. Good luck with that running smoothly everyday. So if I ever write about what we are doing in "school" just know that it wasn't perfect everyday, I can promise you that. Despite the frustrations we had a great week last week. In social studies, Big Man was studying one new country a day so we ended that day with a meal from that country. We definitely have some new favorite recipes after this experience. Here are some pics from this week.

As you can see, sometimes Learning time happens in our pjs. Especially if we have nowhere to go for the day. The most frustrating thing about last week was the inability to enjoy the outdoors. This was our house last week.

Oh, it's pretty, for one day and then it gets a little old, but I'm not going to complain because the toss up is no Texas summer. Now this is in no way trying to make anyone feel bad, because I can promise you that it doesn't always happen. I have three small children. A lot of things don't happen. Once a week I like to make a little something for my house or my kiddos or as a gift for someone. Last week's project was actually a little bag for me though. I usually only can work on crafts on the weekends so check out my new pretty.

Well, there's no way to really cover all the things going on in the Frisk house, so I'm sure I missed something. But you can bet to see some craziness every week. I hope you enjoy Week in Review. All for now.


  1. You're in Kentucky right? Thanks for writing "don'tcha" I never knew how to spell that and I've wanted to use it. LOL

  2. Hi Anna. Yep we're in Kentucky. Thanks for the comment.


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